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Is it Time for Your Reinvention?

I get that this is a struggle. I get that our owner’s side of us takes over, and we fall in love with the way our businesses are or used to be. That the world has changed. And we’re still holding on to things like vanity, ego, locations. And I don’t say those negatively. These are human conditions and people are in tough times right now.

The Story You Create Creates You

Your “sourdough starter” is the stories that you create to tell your company’s work.  The truth is: if you don’t create your stories then somebody else will. If you don’t put good stories into your organization, into your clients, you’re going to have flat results, or worse, you’re going to have something that other people have told about you that is simply untrue because they’ve never heard your story.

Chaos? Get Out and Push Your Own Wagon.

Chaos is all around right now. It might seem safe in the seat where you are. Maybe you want to call upon supernatural powers to fix your problem. It’s not safe. You’re still stuck in the mud. You are not helpless in our current situation. You can do this. Stop blaming the mud, the horses, the mighty Hercules even. Get down and push your own wagon, too.

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