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sean buvala in front of a microphone at an outside concert, one hand in the air. hi!Hello Leaders. Here’s the truth: The next pivot in your business will come from a story you tell.* Unless you have been living under an internet-blocking rock, you already know you need to tell business stories. Problem: How are you (who probably isn’t into theater or acting) supposed to do that while running a business?

Maybe you are one or more of these scenes:

  • Working long days, putting out the same-old adverts, wondering why your potential clients don’t “get it” about why they should work with you.
  • Staring at blank social media, thinking, “I have nothing interesting to say. Even I am bored with my stuff.”
  • Getting home “from work,” tossing your keys on the table, and fearing, “I have to get a (ugg) job if my business doesn’t get better.”
  • Wondering why every other speaker at the networking meeting seems to have it all together with the perfect story to share at just the right moment while you’re struggling to get three make-sense sentences together.

Look, I get it. It took a classroom full of angry students to help me understand how a story works in the nonprofit or business world. Watching those students and our interactions be transformed by storytelling has stuck with me for more than three decades.

We’re here to help. We’ll teach you what to say and how to say it.

I know your frustrations in communicating your great ideas with well-crafted stories. I’ll help you figure it out with focused, experienced coaching. Someone once told me, “I learned more in 8 hours with you than in my entire Master’s degree.” I’m humbled to be able to help someone get such clarity.

Why should you choose our group to help you?

  • I’ve been coaching folks on storytelling for decades. My team is filled with experts, too.
  • No “tribes,” summits, or crowded classrooms to distract you from your focus.
  • We tell the truth about your words, helping you to identify what is story and what is not.
  • We will not let you get away with making “elevator speeches.” Eww.
  • We’re practitioners, not theorists. Let’s get down to action instead of theories.

Imagine having the right stories for the right people.

Imagine your customers seeking you out. Imagine being able to help your staff and volunteers find and craft stories. Imagine the ability to speak or write your business-attracting stories. Imagine becoming comfortable talking about your work. Imagine the comfortable control as your bottom line (or donations) grows as you serve grateful customers.

What’s going to happen? In most cases: 

→ We’ll explore the truth about who your customers were, are, and will be.

→ We’ll find the stories you don’t know that you know.

→ We’ll put those stories together in time-flexible presentations.

→ We’ll train you in the skills you need to speak those stories to any-size groups.

→ We’ll do this in six one-on-one sessions via video or phone.

→ We’ll focus the most on the areas where you need help.

Or you can do nothing 😴 right now and:

  • ☹ Keep kinda-sorta mumbling about your work. (Okay, what know?)
  • ☹ Keep pretending that cliches such as “our customers love us” mean anything in today’s noisy world. (They don’t.)
  • ☹ Keep pretending that posters about your biz “values” are believed by your employees. (They don’t.)
  • ☹ Keep your staff and volunteers in the dark, hoping they “get it.” (Psst. They don’t.)
  • ☹ Keep wondering why all those graphs, books, and seminars about “the power of story” aren’t doing you any good. (You need a truth-teller in your corner: me.)

What Others Say About Our Work:

“…Be prepared to let go of the rules. They don’t work anyway compared to (Sean’s) method.”
-Michelle, Scottsdale

“A real kick in the right direction. You’d better show up to Sean’s workshop if you have any intention of doing professional work. Get started now!”
-Sandy, Professional Speaker, Arizona

working with you has been one of the best decisions i've made all year.






Get Your Spot.

Our team has two open spots for January 2024. $2900/six sessions. Do you want one of those times? Reach out to me at I’m sorry, I don’t have any funnels to put you through or shock-and-awe pages to impress you. You get to talk to me. 😉

Looking forward to speaking with you,

Sean Buvala

P.S. Take me for a test drive. Here is a short video you can learn to use a CORE essential part of business communication: Where do I get my stories? Watch:

P.P.S If you want to see my books, then start here.

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