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K. Sean Buvala
Professional Storyteller, Coach, Publisher, and Author.

sean buvala speaking outside in a graysacle photoSean Buvala has been engaged with storytelling and communication since 1985. He started his work by accidentally using active storytelling to convert a classroom of slightly (but comically) homicidal 8th-grade teenagers from angry kids to storytelling practitioners themselves. From then on, both the kids and Sean were sold on the influence of a great story. Need coaching?

Sean describes the collection of stories in his head as “life and legend” representing the mix of stories from his experiences, myth, and legend from many cultures, sacred stories, and observations of shared life events. As a storyteller, Sean primarily works with adults and teens. He describes his coaching and speaking style as somewhere between “in your life and in your face” depending on the needs of the group he’s telling to/with at any given gathering. Sean recognizes the ability of a story to change the lives of the listeners, as he sees stories change his own life as a teller.

Sean has been presenting and storytelling “on the road” for decades. He’s traveled to perform and present workshops in most of the United States and to hundreds of organizations in those states. His audiences have ranged from just a few people gathered in a living room to several thousand teens and adults. Both national organizations and local groups have experienced Sean as a teller and workshop leader. You’ll find audio and video examples all throughout this site at

Sean’s experience also involves training and design for the telecommunication and hospitality industry. He is especially good for the entrepreneurial and start-up communities. He’s done customer service instruction/team development for companies ranging from government to faith-based organizations to major corporations.

He’s an author, recording artist, and trainer. Along with his own programs, he’s been a featured presenter for companies such as Group workshops and the “Social Story Conference,” the “South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute” and more.

Sean is a recognized expert as a storytelling practitioner and get-you-focused coach. You’ll appreciate his down-to-earth approach as he uses the world’s oldest art form to teach you to memorably engage your audience and build up your business, classroom, or life’s focus. When you book him, don’t expect tons of clever-but-distracting charts, charming graphs, overdone slides, or smoke-blowing yakking. He’s a No-Nonsense trainer in the art and application of storytelling in a variety of settings.

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