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WHAT: An ongoing and oft-updated /NOW page that is sorta calendar, sorta thinking out loud. If you just want to see the calendar, please scroll down a bit.

ME: I am Sean Buvala. I am /now (34 +/- years) a hard-core storytelling practitioner across a variety of media: the publisher’s desk, festival stages, performance venues, books, boardrooms, startups, coachings, and medias social. Father of four young-adult children. Husband to one wife.

The Mission: I help people and places share their story in performance, publishing, public-speaking, and parenting.

Who: I work with adults for business, parenting, publishing and communication skills. I help your biz by growing sales teams with compelling stories, creating a bond between clients and company.

I am Right /Now Focusing on:
:: Direct Coaching for Sales Teams, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
:: Getting new books to market via our “The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group”
:: Talking to new authors
:: Getting more of Michelle’s work to market
:: Actively seeking more work at festivals and conferences

Should You? Want to be on my calendar? Knock with the Opportunity Here.

Latest update: April 8, 2020

So, you know, the virus is here. Nothing’s happening live for a while.

Consults are open. Email me at

March 9, 2020: How To Write a Press Release (Teaching) Goodyear, AZ
March 14/15, 2020: Tucson Festival of Books (Vendor) (Performing) Tucson AZ
March 21, 2020: Author Mindset Conference. (Leading) Avondale AZ
April 2020 Independent Book Publishers’ Association (Leading), Manhattan Beach CA
April 28, 2020: Queen Creek Library Author Training (Presenting) Queen Creek AZ
June 4-9 2020, Sydney Storytelling Conference (Presenting), Sydney Australia

June 14/15, 2020 Buckeye Library System (Presenting), Buckeye AZ
June 19-22, 2020:  East Tennesse University Storytelling Marketing Workshop (Teaching), TN
July 16/17, 2020: Buckeye Library System (Presenting)

Recent Past-
June 25, 2018: Better Business Storytelling, Goodyear AZ
June 2017: Community Christian Church (Teaching) Tempe,AZ
September 30/Oct 1 2017: Thrill Halloween (Vendor. Wrkshp. Craft.) Phoenix, AZ
October 14 2017: Art of Cultures (Performing. Vendor.) Goodyear, AZ
October 17 2017: Storytelling Event 10A.M.(Family Friendly.) Avondale, AZ BOONgarden Goodyear, AZ
October 21 2017: Rocktoberfest (Storytelling 4pm Rhodes Stage)
November 4 2017: Tempe Book Festival (Workshops, Vendor) Tempe, AZ
November 7/8 2017: Story-Skilled Child Workshops (Private) Buckeye AZ
November 9 2017: Free Workshop on Gesture and Movement (Workshops, Vendor) 6pm sharp. Mesa, AZ
November 13, 2017:> Public Speaking Workshop, Peoria AZ.
November 18 2017: One Story, Many Voices (Performance)Goodyear, AZ
January 26/27/28 2018: MidWinter Story Speakers’ Retreat Phoenix, AZ
February 8. 2018: Performing at Open Mic at WordPlay Cafe (Coaching?), Mesa AZ.
February TBA 2018 First-and-Last Storytelling (Performance) Avondale, AZ
March 17 2018: World-Storytelling Event 6P.M.(Adults and Teens) Avondale, AZ
March 22, 2018:WordPlay Cafe, Mesa Arts Center (Performance? Judging?), Mesa, AZ
April 5-8, 2018: Independent Book Publishers’ Association- Publishing University. (Teaching), Austin TX
August TBA 2018: Book Release: Kid’s Guide to Making Stories
October 6, 2018: The Loft Fine Arts, (Open Mic somwhere in 7PM), Buckeye, AZ
October 11, 2018: Wordplay Cafe (Open Mic), Mesa AZ
October 25/26, 2018: Arizona Library Association Conference (Workshop and Vendor), Mesa AZ
October 30, 2018: Parenting Education (?) at Boo at the Chamber (Vendor), Goodyear, AZ
November 1, 2018 Public Workshop and StoryRise Performance at Goodyear Library, Goodyear AZ
November 3, 2018: Tempe Festival of Books, Tempe AZ
March 25, 2019: So, You Want to Publish Your Book” (Workshop), Avondale AZ.
April 3/7, 2019 Independent Book Publishers Association (Conference) (Speaking/Consulting). Chicago, IL
April 11, 2019: StoryRise Performances and Workshop, Goodyear AZ
April 16, 2019: Tempe Public Library (Workshop Presenter), Tempe AZ
April 27, 2019: Children’s Book Festival (Performance; Signing), Bookman’s Tucson, AZ.
April 29, 2019: Public Speaking for the Terrified (lunch and learn) (Workshop Leader), Goodyear, AZ
May 16: “Small Business Summit” (Keynoter) Avondale, AZ
May 20, 2019: Finding, Crafting and Telling Your Business Story (lunch and learn presenter), Goodyear, AZ
June 18-25, 2019: American Library Association Meeting?
June 25: “So, You Want to Publish a Book” Workshop (Glendale, AZ)
July 20: “Advance Marketing for Artists” (workshop presenter) Glendale, AZ
July 11-12, 2019:
Events in Albuquerque, NM
July 24-29, 2019: National Storytelling Conference, Fremont, CA
August 19: “So, You Want to Publish a Book” (Workshop) Glendale, A
November 2019 Tempe Book Festival
November 19, 2019 “Public Speaking for the Terrified” (Tempe Public Library)
December 13-16, 2019. (Private Event) San Diego CA
January 2020 Tempe Comic Festival, Tempe AZ
November 7-9 2019: AZ Library Association Conference (Tucson, AZ)

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