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Marketing Advice for the Creative Soul


sean buvala speaking outside in a graysacle photoLet’s dig into marketing as creatives. I’m going to be working on fleshing this out. But this is where we start.

Marketing is work. Many Creatives struggle. So …

Slow down.
Take ONE STEP at a time.

LET GO of your ego.
ASK questions.
LISTEN to the answers.
TALK less.
LEARN more.
DO more.
DO Something Instead of Nothing.
DO the work, even if you don’t like it sometimes. It’s why it’s called “work.”

UNDERSTAND the world has changed. Your old marketing is dead.
UNDERSTAND that just because you want to do something doesn’t mean anyone will pay you to do it.

Look Up
CHOOSE one area to specialize in, at least at the beginning.
FOCUS on finding out what people want.
GIVE people what they want.
START by serving their needs.
LEAD them to what you can really do.

Be Human
ACCEPT your own learning curve when it comes to marketing.
ACCEPT that you might not “get” it at first.
ACCEPT that you might not “get” it at second or third.
ACCEPT frustration.
ACCEPT small successes and progress.
ACCEPT that at times it will look like “nothing’s happening.”

Hard Truth
ACCEPT that your feelings aren’t the most important thing.
BE LESS precious about things.
MAKE Offers, SELL goods and services, don’t just talk about what you’re going to do.

PRACTICE absurd levels of patience.

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