Sean Buvala, Storyteller and Author


Getting Your Mindset Set


It won’t surprise you that I believe that art and the arts are going save a brick wall representing our mindset blocks the world.

However. Maybe you’ve hit a wall in your own mindset. It’s easy to fall into fatalism and nihilism, my artist friends.

Being an artist, performer, or author is a unique journey for each person that requires lots of hard work, dedication, and passion.

As a coach, I think most of my work is helping my students develop the right mindset to balance art, life, and work.

When you get your mindset right, there are some benefits.

Increased self-confidence: When you believe in yourself, your confidence increases, and you are able to think more expansively and clearly.

Improved resilience: With a positive mindset, you can bounce back faster. Don’t worry, something IS going to go wrong. Be ready for it.

Increased creativity: Believing in yourself (no matter how cliched) and your creative abilities allow you to explore new ideas, come up with innovative solutions, and create amazing art and performances.

Greater motivation: When you trust in your own capabilities, it can instill a sense of purpose and drive.

It just needs to be part of your toolset: take time to nurture a positive mindset, as it can help you to achieve your creative goals. Let me know if you need help.

Break through that wall. You can. Let’s make some art and arts. The world is in great need.


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