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We have Public-Speaking Workshops in Phoenix, Arizona.

You’d rather hug a cactus than speak in public? We get you. Come past your blocks, learn what to say and how to say it in an Intensive Half-Day Workshop! Get Unstuck.

the words youd rather hug a cactus than speak in public with a picture of a faded cactus in the background

You need to get unstuck when it comes to developing your communication skills. If you’re ready for advanced learning and forward movement, this is the place of your.

“What most people need is much more than speaking skills. Decades of teaching have taught me that. Success and connection come from changing your thinking about public speaking, finding the freedom to move from ‘them’ to ‘us.’ ‘How to’ or techniques are only a tiny portion of being a good public speaker.”Sean Buvala, Founder and Instructor of the “More Than Speaking” public-speaking workshops.

Take Our Workshop and You Will Be Able To:

  • Stop “Elevator-Speeching” and Actually Communicate,
  • Grow Your Business (Whatever it is),
  • Speak With Clarity,
  • Make Your Message First,
  • Create Compelling & Profitable Presentations,
  • Skyrocket Your Confidence,
  • Even Communicate Better with Your Family!

They Didn’t Teach This to You in School
(No Matter the School You Attended.)

What Others Say About Our Workshops:

“…Be prepared to let go of the rules. They don’t work anyway compared to (Sean’s) method.”
-Michelle, Scottsdale

“I think I learned more in eight hours with you than I did in my entire Master’s program.”
-John, City of Glendale, Arizona

“A real kick in the right direction. You’d better show up to Sean’s workshop if you have any intention of doing professional work. Get started now!”
-Sandy, Professional Speaker, Arizona

Attention. Retention. Recognition.
That’s what you’ll get from and give to your audiences using our advanced techniques coached by our experienced training team during the “More Than Speaking” public-speaking course.

You could create more sales, improve your business and personal relationships when you attend our next public-speaking workshop in Arizona!

In our live event (and you have never been to a speaking workshop like this one), you’ll learn, absorb and practice the tools and tips you need that they didn’t teach you in school (law school, seminary, MBA classes, teacher training, real estate classes, military school or whatever school you went to) that will help you make your message STICK IN THE MINDS of your listeners.

Your GOLDEN Tongue
“There’s gold in them there words” of yours! (Paraphrasing the old-time movie prospectors!) Learn to mine the gold of increased sales. Discover the relationships between customers and clients who are drawn to your authentic presentations. Mine the gold in your own relationships with family and friends! Find the gold in conveying a message that motivates your customers, your students, your congregation, your family.

What Others Say About Our Workshops:
“Absolutely worth the time and money. Easy to understand. Practical Knowledge.”
-Cyndy, Pro Speaker, California

Experience New Growth to Your Skill Set
You know the old cliche that people are more afraid of public speaking than dying, right? We’ll take you way beyond just “having confidence” to KNOWING you are using your public speaking with mastery and conviction. Our small workshop size will, in most cases, give you a chance to practice and master what we’re teaching. It’s more like an (enjoyable) boot camp then just another in-service or a get-out-of-the-office “conference.”

“But I am Already a Pro!”
Congrats, Mr. or Ms. Confidence! We’re ready for you, too, as we will go in deep on the ONE ANCIENT SECRET practiced by the great speakers, teachers, and orators of history past and present. (And when current leaders don’t use this skill well, they become the butt of jokes on the late-night comedy shows.)

Here are some of the highlights of what we’ll cover in our workshop:

  • *The one question you must answer for your audience right away or they’ll be working on their mental grocery list while you speak.
  • *Discover your individual secret that separates you from the rest of the speakers.
  • *The surprising techniques of a good speaker that you need before you even open your mouth to speak a single word.
  • *The power of crafting a story: knowing what to keep and what to lay aside.
  • *How to focus on your listeners. Your audience is never your enemy- forget the archaic (and harmful) advice of “seeing them in their underwear.”
  • *How to engage your audience using theater techniques even if you hate (or fear) theater techniques.
  • *The strength and techniques of “Intentionality” that will help you develop your repertoire of having the exact story you need at the exact moment you need it.
  • *How to be authentic and available to your audience without being sappy, manipulative or turning over control.
  • *How to drop the old-school, archaic rules of presenting and find out how the new rules create freedom for you and long-lasting impressions for your modern audience.
  • *Learn the energy and use of “word sounds” that create pictures in the minds of your listeners.
  • *How to incorporate much-needed downtime into every presentation.
  • *Excellent, experienced coaching that gently “pulls out” your innate skills.
  • *Networking with other professionals with our fun brain-set stretching activities.
  • *Learn to use a microphone while learning the do’s and don’ts with real equipment.
  • *Discover how to use Image Hooks™ in your slides…for those rare times when you must use the dreaded projected slides.

You get all these features:

  • *Engage with excellent, experienced coaching that gently “pulls out” your innate skills.
  • *Get networking with other professionals with our fun brain-set stretching activities.
  • *Enjoy several hours of fun (really), fast-paced training, coaching and practice in a small-group setting.
  • *Individual speaking time with your group, in most cases.
  • *The “Storytelling 101” workbook and a copy of another book by Sean Buvala
  • *Certificate of Completion

Let’s Name the Ugly Trend in Training Lately:
How many workshops have you gone to that really are fronts for being sold “kits” or stacks of books, with only a few moments of real training? Ugg. Look: in this workshop, you get actual, honest, immediately-applicable skills. This workshop is not a “selling from the platform” event. We will give you a chance to take part in some discounted “show-specials” for future group and private training. Out of the hours of training, no more than a few minutes contains offers from your instructor. That’s about as direct and transparent as we can be. We promise. We’re here to help you learn.

An Investment in Yourself.
Your investment in your future success is designed to be affordable. Take advantage of early registration if available.

A private workshop can be arranged for groups of five or more. Discounts to the public workshop are available for groups that register 3 or more people at once. Workshops outside of the Phoenix area can be arranged. You must contact our office directly for private workshops or group registrations.

the words youd rather hug a cactus than speak in public with a picture of a faded cactus in the background