Sean Buvala, Storyteller and Author


WHAT: An ongoing and oft updated /NOW page that is sorta calendar, sorta thinking out loud.

ME: I am Sean Buvala. I am /now (38 +/- years) a hard-core storytelling practitioner across various media, from the corporate world, festival stages, performance venues, classrooms, books, boardrooms, startups, coaching, and medias social. Father of four young adult children. Husband to one wife. I’m the publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC. 

The Mission: I help people and places share their stories in performance, publishing, public speaking, and parenting.

Should You? Want to be on my calendar? Knock with the Opportunity Here:  sean @ seantells daught calm.

Last update: December 2023

Nearly every Monday night, I do live coaching in this FB group. No charge.

I’m online all the time doing events in general. Find me at all those sources.

I don’t travel as I used to (who does?), but here are some notable public dates:

2023 ↓

Mostly private gigs right now. What do you need?


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