Sean Buvala, Storyteller and Author


WHAT: An ongoing and oft updated /NOW page that is sorta calendar, sorta thinking out loud.

ME: I am Sean Buvala. I am /now (38 +/- years) a hard-core storytelling practitioner across various media, from the festival stages, the performance venues, the classrooms, the books, the boardrooms, the startups, the coachings, the medias social. Father of four young-adult children. Husband to one wife. I’m the publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC. 

The Mission: I help people and places share their stories in performance, publishing, public speaking, and parenting.

Should You? Want to be on my calendar? Knock with the Opportunity Here:  sean @ seantells daught calm.

Last update: April 2023

Nearly every Monday night, I do live coaching in this FB group. No charge.

I’m online all the time doing events in general. Find me at all those sources.

I don’t travel as I used to (who does?), but here are some notable public dates:

2023 ↓

January 29/31     Vacation (Arizona)

Feb 11                Immortal Trees Bookstore (Arizona)

March 4/5           Tucson Festival of Books (Arizona)

June 22/28          American Library Conference (Illinois)

September 6       Storytelling for Creative Aging (Arizona)


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