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WHAT: An ongoing and oft updated /NOW page that is sorta calendar, sorta thinking out loud.*

ME: I am Sean Buvala. I am /now (30 +/- years) a hard-core storytelling practitioner across a variety of media, from the festival stages, the performance venues, the classrooms, the books, the boardrooms, the startups, the coachings, the medias social. Father of four young-adult children. Husband to one wife.

The Mission: I help people and places share their story in performance, publishing, public-speaking and parenting.

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Last update: Feb. 6 2017.

Some Dates:


  • Enjoying the creation of the “600 Wednesday Words” newsletter more than I though I would.
  • Birthing Breathing the “Story Skilled Child” program to life.
  • Giving Apples for the Princess all the promotional lovin’ I/we can.
  • Coaching and Training Artists in several disciplines.
  • Creating and submitting proposals for workshops.
  • Moving the publishing house forward.


  • Bringing the Sea-Glass Storytelling Project to the book format.
  • Not being in the office so much. Getting better at being physically away more.
  • Being a resource to members of my immediate communities at home and in my region.
  • WOW-ing (barely) and Hearthstone-ing (trolling decks).
  • The Inappropriate Folktales podcast is having a life of its own.


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More WHAT: An ongoing and oft updated /NOW page (sorta calendar, sorta thinking out loud) influenced by the prodding of Derek Sivers and the thinking of Gregory Brown.