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How Long Should a Business Story Be?

An interview clip with Sean Buvala. So for me, as a storyteller, to not tell stories is somewhat disingenuous. It would be wrong to say, “Please everyone use stories” but then do a half-an-hour interview phone call without any stories.

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Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti

Surviving Your Serengeti: You will find this to be an easy, fun-to-read book that is part parable, part workbook and part energizing guide. Stefan’s fresh concepts are strong enough for your business needs and yet are still inviting and approachable for any of your family’s budding teenage entrepreneurs with whom you will want to share this book.

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Storytelling In Business and NonProfits Podcast

Sean presents the “Storytelling and Narrative for Business Podcasts.” Small business, entrepreneurs, non-profit, speakers, presenters, company owners and others will all benefit from these short (8 – 10 minutes) and fun podcasts. Come listen in!

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Storytelling Techniques: Ten Things Story Won’t Do for Your Nonprofit or Business

Real stories can change your company. The best way to express story is through storytelling. However, your stories must be true and they must be a central focus of your entire organization to work. As a storytelling coach, I know both the power and the illusion of story. One of those illusions is that story always works in every situation. Here are ten things storytelling will not do for your company.

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