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Video: How to Tell A Story

Sean Buvala

How to Tell a Story: The Silly Video (Posted Below,)

The all-knowing, ever-present Facebook decided today to remind me that we made this little video on September 15, 2010. Seven years ago. Holy cow.

1. Decide on a story
2. Break the story into parts.
3. Make a storyboard, if that helps.
4. Decide which parts you need for your story and which you do not.
5. Reassemble the story.
6. Tell the story and get feedback.
7. Refine.
8. Retell
9. Add and subtract parts as needed for each telling.

YES- you do cut out parts of stories. Yes yes yes. Any story that does not ebb and flow, rise and fall, grow and shrink is a SCRIPT and not a STORY. You are a storyteller, right? Tell stories, not scripts. Storytelling is a art and science of constant change.

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