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The First Task of the Business Storyteller

Sean Buvala

woman with upper part of face above the water line. word read the first task of the storyteller is to listen.

Tell to the People Where the People Are At.

The first task of the business (or NPO) storyteller is to listen to their clients, customers or team.
Enjoy this piece of Entrepreneurial Theater, won’t you?

[Curtain Up on a splashy lake]

Your customer, struggling in the water: Help, I’m drowning.
You, in your cute little boat: Okay. Our company can help you fish. Our customers love us.
YC: That doesn’t help me.
You: Well, once a customer came to us without a fishing pole [You tell that story you just love to tell because it is THE story you are supposed to tell.]
You: Here, YC. Take this fishing pole. It will help you. It’s the only thing I have in the boat. Well, that and this anvil. That’s all I have.
YC: ::bloop::: bubbles ::: bubbles ::: bubbles::
You: I’m so frustrated, why don’t these people buy our fishing services!!
[And scene…]

Now, here is a better take.

Same lake. Same drowning Your Customer.
YC: Help! I’m drowning.
You: My customer can’t swim?! Wait, here try this….
[The You looks about the boat sees a fishing pole, an anvil, a box of worms, a blanket, hot soup, and a life preserver ring-thingy.]
You: Here, YC. Take this life preserver ring thingy!
[The YOU tosses thingy to YC. YC grabs ring-thingy and floats. The YOU pulls YC to safety on the boat. YC covers themselves with a blanket and eats warm soup. Skips worms. In a few minutes, the YC speaks.]
YC: Hey, thank you for that. You know, I originally was out here to fish. Do you have any way to help me do that?
You: Well, once a customer came to us without a fishing pole (and you tell that story YOU just love to tell because it is THE story you are supposed to tell.)
[And scene…]

Who and What?

Your boat = Your business, your nonprofit, your thing you do.
The equipment in your boat = the stories you need, full of variety and usefulness, ready to be called on when you need them.
The You = You or Your Team
Me? I am the guy who shows you how to find+ craft the stories in your boat and then how to be ready to use those stories.
Herein ends the 2020 Stay-at-Home Theater presentation,
“Your Boat Needs Better Equipment.”

I’m here to help you.

Visit http:/ to get started with a phone call to learn about our coaching program.
PSST: if you are the one who is drowning in your business, I can help you with ring-thingy, too.
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