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“Sean Buvala, nobody thinks like you do.”- one of my last “bosses”

Sean Buvala, you commented resonated.

“(Sean) helped me make my presentations more effective by incorporating stories into them. Specifically, he provided detailed and actionable advice that has helped potential clients…connect with my business. As a result, my business has grown significantly since our sessions together.”
-Nicole Witt, The Adoption Consultancy

Thanks for the videos Sean Buvala

“(Sean”s) unique style of storytelling is quite effective and unmatched by anyone I have ever seen before. Sean”s system of storytelling is fun to learn and guarantees its adopters a unique, powerful, and effective tool for selling to or engaging virtually any audience.”
-Sandra Keros, California\r\n

“I have experienced Sean Buvala first hand. His skill in facilitating learning in communications skills through business storytelling is spellbinding. It is indeed a pleasure to see Sean ”in action” and I look forward to the next opportunity to working with him.”\r\n-Stefan Swanepoel, RealSure Inc. \r\n

“He is not only knowledgeable about the art of storytelling, but his vision advances the art.”\r\n- Kevin Cordi Ph.D., The Ohio State University, Ohio\r\n

\r\nJust a quick note to extend many thanks for today’s stellar presentation. We greatly appreciate your time, gifts, and willingness to work with SLHI.”\r\n-Jon Ford, St. Luke”s Health Initiatives\r\n

Thanks again for a great call. I really appreciate the time you spent with me, I found it invaluable. You made me think deeper about what I wanted to do and gave me permission to do some things that I was thinking about.”\r\n-(private client), New Hampshire, Professional Speaker\r\n

“It was unanimous- you were a top-rated feature of the conference! Everyone loved your stories. They were so skillfully woven and acted that they delighted everyone. Thank you so much for putting together such an entertaining and instructive presentation. I enjoyed meeting you and will be happy to refer you to others.”
-Laura Atwell, Director, The Wallace Foundation of Arizona

“I want to officially thank you for attending our Avondale Elementary School District Kick-Off Celebration. It could not have been better. Your presentation truly made a difference in our celebration.”
-Dr. Cathy Stafford, Superintendent\r\n\r\n

“Sean promised me that when he was finished with the day, our folks would have practical skills to begin their own storytelling. Sean was right. Not only did he give folks practical strategies for forming stories he captivated and inspired us all with stories of his own. As a training coordinator, it is always a challenge to try and provide the best quality training for folks while also being a good steward of the resources. Sean was an investment in our youth ministers that will continue to pay dividends for a long long time.”
-Christopher Ashby, Diocese of Baltimore

“Thanks for telling your stories to my class. I enjoyed them alot and my class and I thought they were very exciting.”
-Dylan, 7th Grade, AZ\r\n

“Thank you so much for your presentation in our class. As you can tell by the storylines we wrote, \r\nyou were very well received.”
-Karen Olson, Northern Arizona University, AZ

“…I would like to thank you for your participation in the 2006 Mesa Storytelling Festival…\r\nYour performances were spectacular and your professionalism greatly appreciated. \r\nYour stories brought to life by your talent made this year”s festival a great success. \r\nWe have received positive responses from patrons explaining how they enjoyed listening \r\nto your stories and they have a great appreciation for how the spoken word can create such imaginative tales. \r\nI hope you enjoyed the festival as much as we enjoyed having you here.”
-Carrie Brown, Mesa Arts Center, AZ

“Hey, Sean. I listened to ”Gray”s Hat” from start to finish. Man, you have (a) tractor beam of a voice…”
-Mike Montoya, Musician, Arizona\r\n

“Thank you, Sean, for inspiring us to look our children in the eyes and appreciate the sacred gift of parenting. \r\nThank you for sharing your talent with us in such a way that we could implement it in our daily lives.”
-Cheryl McAlister, Calvary School, AZ

“I have thought about your story many times in the last week. Your fluency with it and with the telling of it were both a joy to behold.\r\n Please add me to your list of fans–and I”m definitely going to get up to your part of the world for an evening (or more) of storytelling fun.”
-Sina, AZ\r\n

“(Sean) is a master storyteller. His unique style has inspired members of (our) communities. He has a way of making a story come alive so that the audience feels they are participating in the story itself. I would highly recommend him to any group…”
– Terry Boyer, Arizona

“Thank you so much for leading our January Sunday series at Mission del Sol. I don”t think I have ever heard such glowing comments about a presentation and what people learned…”
– Judith Campbell\r\n

“The stories that had a clear, intriguing point, like the Story of David and Uriah or about the boy who held the hat his father gave him close to his heart, were most poignant and made the greatest impact…the story-telling is very good…I really respect what you are doing and please continue to do so…”-Review for Calling Out A Rising Sun (CD)\r\n

“Sean- I can’t thank you enough for the CD you shared with me in Arizona. It not only speaks to its audience, it tells me an enormous amount about you, your roots, passions, and mission. “Drunk Mr. Daniels” is a brilliant piece that captures the psyche of young man under duress. Because you begin in such a clear and honest place it truly does lead us to other possibilities. “Grey’s Hat” was also such a loving appreciation of the threads that keep us human and how we can honor them in one another. Thank-you. As for King David ’A man of G-d and all that’ what a perfect story for teenage boys who, I am sure live in the shadow of David’s lust every minute of their lives. Ah, turning old can finally release them to their heart and mind making those primary decisions in their lives, but how important to know that their struggles are as old as the Book. What a prince you are.”- Judith Black

“The programs Sean has put together for the youth and their parents have helped our family reconnect and helped the boys and their Dad reconnect. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for (these programs).” -a parent\r\n

“Thank you so much for coming to see us at St. Gregory”s. You were awesome. Not only did you make us laugh but taught us so much as well. We all enjoyed meeting you so much. We hope to see you again. ” -Boys Hope/Girls Hope AZ\r\n

”This was a wonderful experience .. beautifully written and performed. It brings back the tradition of storytelling and places (it) squarely in our modern times!” – a guy in the Netherlands\r\n

“To look out at the congregation during a …segment is to see people riveted to the action, immersed in the story or the parable and open to new directions in their lives. The presentations I have seen have been catalysts for exploring the messages of peace, justice, truth, forgiveness, reconciliation and unconditional love that sneaks up on people and continues to work on folks long after they have gone back to the routine of their daily lives. I am pleased to offer the highest recommendation possible….” -a Methodist Pastor\r\n

“Nobody thinks like you do.”- one of my last “bosses”\r\n

”Voices from the Noise”” offers a glimpse of the real lives of biblical figures from the vision of Sean Buvala. Each life seems chosen with thought to provide the listener a tapestry of humanity that is found in the Bible. From Peter as a salt-of-the-earth fisherman, complete with an accent and attitude straight out of Jersey, to the Samaritan woman at Jacob”s well who discovers the hole in her soul, whose earnest pleas tug at the heart, you”ll find seven men and women in scripture who each paint a small picture of how his and her life was changed through God. All their strengths and weaknesses are revealed through the sometimes tender, sometimes intense, but always insightful words of Sean Buvala.” -Eric Nanneman at Review\r\n \r\n ‘

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