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Millennial Cha-Cha: Dance with The Customer

Sean Buvala

It’s popular in the circles of some “older” business owners to complain about millennials.

If you are one of those people, you should stop doing that.

Like every generation before them, millennials are changing the face of internal and external customer service for companies of all sizes. It’s a good chance your generation did the same. For example, baby-boomers were the driving force behind Disneyland, breakfast cereals, and rock music. Sadly, they also gave us the “me generation.” Eww.

With millennials, bear in mind:

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

 So, your clients between 30 and 40, most with kids, say they want to experience your company and what it offers. Most want to share (advertise) your events and experiences to their own online community.

 How are you creating an environment in your business that actively reaches out to this money-spending, household-running market? They’re quickly moving into middle-age and they’ll be maintaining these preferences.

Overall, most marketing experts think that it is better to “pull” millennials towards your business experience rather than “push” business at them. You’ll need to develop your brand’s storytelling to share both your successes and your challenges, striving for authenticity and directness. Your story-based marketing and advertising should seek to provide opportunities for interaction with those members of your audience that prefer to connect and not just buy.

Next Time: Growing Millennial Employees.


Sean Buvala is the publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group. He specializes in helping people find, craft and present their business stories.

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