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Is it Time for Your Reinvention?

Sean Buvala


So, I posted earlier about reinvention. I posted about how if your business is struggling right now, a lot of that comes from you, as the CEO of your own business, not taking the actions you need to take. (This article is a TRANSCRIPT of that video.)

I get that this is a struggle. I get that our owner’s side of us takes over, and we fall in love with the way our businesses are or used to be. That the world has changed. And we’re still holding on to things like vanity, ego, locations. And I don’t say those negatively. These are human conditions and people are in tough times right now.

You are in tough times if your business is struggling. I get it. But reinvention is where we need to go. I remember when we had the “Center for Creative Ministry.” That was a long time ago in a line of work that I don’t do anymore. But a long time ago, we had a physical location and I had a training room. We had offices, and we had a bookstore. And I fell in love with having a location. It was fantastic.

When I needed to do training, I had my own space for training. We had our own room.

It was fantastic, but it wasn’t making any money.

I had fallen in love with the idea of having a location, and we had to let go of that. And it was only when we finally let go of that, that things got even close to being able to work again financially.

I understand that if you’ve been running a business and now it has gone one way. Because of the way the world is, you have to tell a new story.

I get all that. You get to change your story. Were it that every time you walked, diamonds and flowers appeared from the ground. I’m falling into my storytelling references there.

It would be great if diamonds and flowers appeared from the ground everywhere you walked, but maybe they don’t right now. Maybe you are in the part of the story where the crisis has occurred and the hero, you, have to make a decision. Whatever’s blocking you, vanity, ego, discomfort, falling in love with the location, falling in love with the product, falling in love with the way it is, whatever it is, change.

Know that you were in the part of your own story right now, where you get to switch, where you get to make the difference, where you have faced the fork in the road full of beasts of doubt and fog. Instead of falling down the dragon’s gullet, you get to take up arms and defeat whatever it is that’s in your way. Find those new stories.

Do you need help with stories? That’s what we do. But this isn’t a commercial pitch. I really invite you to reinvent. It’s frightening. Giving up that building location that we had, that killed me. That was more than 30 years ago. And I still remember thinking, “Man, did I fail? Because my business fell apart.” No, I did not. I did not fail. And neither have you if things are hard now in a pandemic.4

You know the answer, don’t you?

So, you can stay where you’re at and not reinvent and continue down a story that you already know the answer to.

You already know how it ends, and you’ll close your doors, and we’ll feel sorry for you. We really will. Then you’ll be mad at “them.” Whoever the “them” is out there in the world that you will think is keeping you from succeeding,: the government, the community, your bosses. I don’t know who you will blame, but you’ll be mad at “them.”

So it’s time for a new story.

It’s time for you to rewrite, time for you to let go, time for you to be brave, time for you to be brave like every mythological story out there. . It’s time for you to be brave, time for you to face the unknown.

If we can help you with your reinvention, contact me. We’re here to coach you. If we can help you, we will. And if we can’t, we’ll help you find the people that can help you.


Sean Buvala coaches business owners who are in need of a reinvention.


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