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Golden Goose: Patience is Key for Business Growth

Sean Buvala

an extreme close up of a white goose bending over its own feathers to preen its tail. the goose is white with a bright red or orange beak. Patience is an important investment for all leaders in business. On a personal day-to-day level, what level of stewardship do you show for the 1,440 minutes you have every day? Is patience a part of your skill set?

All entrepreneurs struggle with patience. Folktales and fables of long ago are rarely the sanitized versions we think we know. One of those fables is “The Golden Goose.”

A farmer once traded his goods for a goose, which, he was told, could lay golden eggs. When he returned home in the evening with the goose, he and his wife decided that they would wait until morning to see if the goose would lay a golden egg or if they should cook the goose for a meal.

The next morning, under the goose, was a small golden egg. This repeated on the second day. Selling those eggs would help the couple become financially stable. With a new egg produced by the goose every day, they would become rich.

The couple impatiently decided they could not wait for all the one-per-day eggs the goose would produce. They reasoned that they could slaughter the goose and retrieve all the golden eggs inside her. Well, as you can imagine, when they cut the goose open, they discovered that there were no golden eggs inside.

Now, the poor couple had nothing to help them grow their future.

Is your business generating golden eggs for you? How does that happen? Are you the sole person who creates the future of your company? If so, how are you at respecting your own time? Are you patient enough to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your health? If your business involves others or even employees, how do your honor their time, patiently helping them to grow, too? Or, in either case, are you “slaughtering the goose” by pushing too hard or recklessly?

A lack of patience, a disrespect of the resources of time and personnel, can bring down a business. Don’t let yours be one of those.

Sean Buvala is the publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC and can help you develop “what to say and how to say it” for your organization. Reach out at (Note: I’ve been writing a series of brief columns for my local Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce. I’m reproducing those articles here. They are intentionally brief.) Photo by Søren Astrup Jørgensen on Unsplash

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