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Chaos? Get Out and Push Your Own Wagon.

Sean Buvala

chaos is all around right now, get out and push your own wagon. business storytelling

Get out and push.

There’s an Aesop tale that goes like this. It’s a Greek tale from a billion years ago.

→ Once there was a man who was riding in his wagon along a muddy road.

The wagon wheels became stuck in the mud. No matter how much the man prodded the horses to pull, the wagon would not budge out of the mud.

Sitting high in the driver’s seat, the man began to call out to the mighty Hercules. “Hear me, Oh Hercules! Come with your mighty strength and save me! Push my wagon out of the mud.”

To his great surprise, Hercules himself did magically appear next to the man’s wagon. However, Hercules was not smiling and pointed at the man in anger.

Hercules said, “How dare you call upon me and my mystical force when you yourself would not get down from your perch! Get out of your comfortable seat, get behind the wagon and push it yourself!”

With that, Hercules vanished. The man promptly did as Hercules had told him. He hopped down, got behind his own wagon and pushed. Amazingly, as the horses pulled and the man pushed, the wagon was soon clear of the muddy trap.

>> That’s the story. Do I need to get heavy-handed with the meaning of it?


It’s your wagon.

I am a practitioner of storytelling and stories. I know how to get things done with your stories for/about/from your business or nonprofit.

I can help you find stories you don’t know you know.

I can teach you to tell those stories using the natural skills you have.

I can teach you to use those stories with whatever audience you are trying to reach.

With those things, you will build a great wagon.

But → it is YOUR WAGON (your biz or career) that needs to move.

I can coach you (without yelling like Hercules) how to put all that together. But, you still need to get discomforted and push your own wagon when it gets stuck.

Chaos is all around right now. It might seem safe in the seat where you are. Maybe you want to call upon supernatural powers to fix your problem.

It’s not safe. You’re still stuck in the mud.

You are not helpless in our current situation. You can do this.

Stop blaming the mud, the horses, the mighty Hercules even.

Get down and push. Right now.

I can help you build the wagon.

I can coach you on getting past your fear of getting down off your seat.

Still → you must push your own wagon.



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