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Sean Buvala

In this note, I am specifically talking to those connected to the nonprofit, business, entrepreneurial, or “start-up” worlds.

Tired, yet? Have you heard:
“Use Business Storytelling to Make Your Company Stronger.”
“Everyone is a storyteller.”
“You have to have great stories.”
+ more. . .

I do understand the problems you’re facing.

Look, there are some fine people out there talking about business storytelling. Maybe you were lucky and you have learned from one. That’s great.

But. . .

Maybe your company management bought the hype of a “storytelling consultant” who became an expert in storytelling sometime in the last year or so. You are commanded to “tell a story” at the start of every meeting. The consultant showed you papers, articles, books, charts, tables and graphs about storytelling. You get that corporate storytelling works, but you look at the faces around the conference-room table and you know you and they would rather die than tell another bad story.

It’s time for no-nonsense coaching in the art of communicating via corporate (or non-profit) storytelling. Talk to me.

Or maybe…you’re standing in front of a table of “Angel” investors. You know you need to use storytelling to communicate your great ideas. You’ve read all the books about storytelling. You’ve seen the charts, diagrams and info-graphics about business storytelling. Yet, there you stand, unable to actually tell a story. Millions of dollars of investment go to the best storyteller. And…you’re not the best storyteller in the room.

It’s time for no-nonsense training in the art of “platform” storytelling. Talk to me.

What about the sales and marketing professionals? You are sitting at a kitchen table trying to sell insurance to a young married couple. You took a storytelling course. You read the books. You have bookmarked the storytelling websites. And, there you sit, unable to make this one sale stick, because, well, they “have to think about it.” That’s code for, “You’re a generic insurance sales agent. Nothing you say or do makes you stand out from the crowd.”

It’s time for no-nonsense training in the art of across-the-table business storytelling. Talk to me.

Your small business needs networking meetings and the connections those meetings bring. But, you have no idea what to say in those two-minute “introduce yourself” exercises that happen at every meeting. On top of that, you would rather be chased by an angry dog than have to speak in public. No matter how many storytelling manuals you read, you still can’t form the attention-getting narratives that work. You have zero confidence and some about-me yapping: how’s that helping your small business grow?

It’s time for no-nonsense coaching in the art of networking with storytelling. Talk to me directly. You could start with my workshop if that helps.

Sean Buvala is an experienced storyteller, author and business coach. He’s been at this work since 1986…long before there was this fad-like hype, buzz-words and the experts grasping at CEO-soothing (but useless) marketing lullabies about narrative. Sean is Arizona-based but is available internationally. Let’s get this conversation started. You are under no obligation by just reaching out.

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