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Bouncing Around Your Business Storytelling?

Sean Buvala
extreme blurry closeup of the top of a random pinball machine

So, it’s like playing pinball in your business lately?

I get it, biz owner. You wake up at night thinking;
“If I could just get ‘them’ to understand how good my company is.”
Man, when I was a kid, it was worth peddling my bike down 51st avenue to get to the arcade, get that silver ball in the pocket and make that machine RING. Those were the days.
Bouncing about? Missing the flippers? Caught in a trap?
Are you trying to hit that place on the table where the 100x points just keep racking up….over and over?
You need something to ADD UP (10x? 100x?) in your business, right?

The questions stick hard in your mind, waking you up at night:

• What do your clients want?

• What do your customers need?

• What will keep your volunteers and staff motivated?
You can connect. But let’s get you past “TILT!”

The pivot point lies in:

→ gathering their stories (what? no way! yes, way.)
→ crafting & sharing your stories (what are you waiting for?)
Let me (or my team) put you on a path.
We’re not playing theory games with you.
We’re practitioners. 30+ years. We know how this works.
4-6 sessions, step by step.

↓ Pull back the plunger and go to:
or PM here if you’re serious.
Ding ding ding!!!
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