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How Long Should a Business Story Be?

An interview clip with Sean Buvala. So for me, as a storyteller, to not tell stories is somewhat disingenuous. It would be wrong to say, “Please everyone use stories” but then do a half-an-hour interview phone call without any stories.

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How To Tell A Story

One of the most searched-for communication skills on the Internet is “how to tell a story.” I would like to give you a quick step-by-step guide to this process of story telling, drawn from my 25 years of being a professional storyteller. This is the fast and quick method to learn a new story.

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Storytelling Techniques: 9 Storytelling Tips for Storytelling Anywhere.

Having a good sense of storytelling techniques is important in any form of communication. Unlike other ways to express a story, storytelling takes place in the moment between the storyteller and listener. Here are nine storytelling tips to use when you want to make the most of the story you have chosen.

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How to Make a Really Short Presentation.

Uh oh! You finally have that chance to speak about a favorite subject but they are only giving you 10 minutes? Do not panic. You can do this.Read more ›

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10 Things Every Presentation Must Have

As our audience changes and is influenced by an unending flow of media and attempts at communication, does the average presenter have a chance of cutting through all this noise and clutter in the minds of their audience?

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Storytelling Techniques: Ten Things Story Won’t Do for Your Nonprofit or Business

Real stories can change your company. The best way to express story is through storytelling. However, your stories must be true and they must be a central focus of your entire organization to work. As a storytelling coach, I know both the power and the illusion of story. One of those illusions is that story always works in every situation. Here are ten things storytelling will not do for your company.

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