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Five Tips for Public Speaking: President Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Whenever you watch a high-profile speech, you can learn things about your own public speaking. I think Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union Address demonstrates five elements of strong public speaking. Regardless of your feelings about the content of the speech, here are a few things to keep in mind to improve your own speeches.

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Storytelling Tips: What You Really Need to Know About Public Speaking

So many voices telling you how to speak in public! Do not let any group become the “Speaking Police” in your life. I believe that there are some simple core truths about speaking that you should be aware of as you develop your own unique presenting style. Here is my list of seven concepts I think a speaker needs to know.

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Presentation Skills: 3 Ways to Connect Your Audience In Your Talk.

In some “once upon a time,” could anyone just talk endlessly at an audience? People now interact daily with data and info. They expect to be a part of the creation of the conversation. You could complain because it’s more work to speak to an audience these days or you can actively engage them in the presentation. Here are some techniques to help you do that:

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Storytelling Techniques: 9 Storytelling Tips for Storytelling Anywhere.

Having a good sense of storytelling techniques is important in any form of communication. Unlike other ways to express a story, storytelling takes place in the moment between the storyteller and listener. Here are nine storytelling tips to use when you want to make the most of the story you have chosen.

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10 Things Every Presentation Must Have

As our audience changes and is influenced by an unending flow of media and attempts at communication, does the average presenter have a chance of cutting through all this noise and clutter in the minds of their audience?

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Storytelling Techniques: Ten Things Story Won’t Do for Your Nonprofit or Business

Real stories can change your company. The best way to express story is through storytelling. However, your stories must be true and they must be a central focus of your entire organization to work. As a storytelling coach, I know both the power and the illusion of story. One of those illusions is that story always works in every situation. Here are ten things storytelling will not do for your company.

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