Teaching Men to Be Better Dads

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The DaddyTeller Book“Sean has applied his years of experience as a storyteller—and, not incidentally, father—to a project designed to help Dads convey valuable information to their own children. ‘DaddyTeller: How to be a Hero to Your Kids and Teach Them What’s Really Important By Telling Them One Simple Story at a Time’ is a step-by-step (book) for teaching Dads to become storytellers for their kids.”
-Durga Walker

Author and Speaker Sean Buvala is available for keynotes, workshops, retreats and presentations to help dads, uncles, brothers and grandfathers communicate easily with the children in their lives. Although in the DaddyTeller projects, Sean speaks in a style and pace designed for men, parents of any gender learn how to bond with their kids and pass on important family values.

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Schools, churches, Title One programs, teacher groups, PTO’s, early-childhood leaders, libraries, men’s groups and others benefit from having Sean present the DaddyTeller workshop. Please vist the www.daddyteller.com site for videos, audio, free downloads and more. To book Sean for a DaddyTeller event, please visit the contact page on this site.