Business Storytelling

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(Sean) helped me make my presentations more effective by incorporating stories into them. Specifically, he provided detailed and actionable advice that has helped potential clients…connect with my business. As a result, my business has grown significantly since our sessions together.
-Nicole Witt, The Adoption Consultancy

You will have every member of your team speaking and communicating your message with new clarity (and growing your bottom line) when you hire Sean Buvala to train your group.

Immediately improve your communication skills in public speaking, leadership skills, sales, marketing, HR, teaching, training, and other business areas with professional speaker workshop or executive coaching from a Master Teller: K. Sean Buvala.

Leadership requires storytelling.
Sean provides keynotes, workshops, coaching (live and via telephone) and consulting.

You learn from an expert storyteller consultant when you contract with Sean. You will learn communication skills and storytelling techniques that will make an immediate difference in your work.

Sean has 26 years of experience as storyteller and trainer for a variety of industries. Sean is not a “motivational speaker” who sort-of, kind-of uses storytelling. Sean listens to your situation and helps you learn what you need to know.

You contract with Sean as an affordable storytelling teacher to learn real skills and not just theory. Right now.

Sean has been recognized as an Oracle Award Winner from the National Storytelling Network for his leadership in the art of storytelling.

Yes, he is entertaining, engaging and professional. Download Sean’s one-sheet from this link now.

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Learn Storytelling Techniques Right Now!
Are you looking for storytelling for business or non-profit leadership? Immediately improve your skills in public speaking, sales, marketing, training, and other business areas with professional coaching with Master Teller K. Sean Buvala. Nationally travelled with 26 years of experience, Sean focuses on you, your needs and your skills. In private and executive-level coaching or in group-coaching scenarios you will learn immediate skills and techniques to improve your success. These are tested, real-world skills by a seasoned veteran of storytelling and public speaking, not “motivational speaker’s tricks” that we’ve all grown so tired of hearing. Contact Sean today to learn new skills and watch your success in your career grow!