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Enewsletter Relaunch: Wednesday Words

Sean Buvala’s shorter, faster personal newsletter on storytelling and communication. 600 words or fewer every Wednesday. Exclusive content not posted elsewhere. Join us. Use your points to level up your cred.

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NSN 2016 Conference Coaching Special!

Need advanced coaching at the July 2106 Storytelling Conference? If you’d like a 45-minutes (or so) live, in-person coaching-session with Sean Buvala while he’s at the NSN Conference, then please see Sean ASAP to arrange your spot for Friday to Sunday.

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The Ultimate Storytelling Success?

Ultimately, who is responsible for the “success” of a storytelling experience? If you value the story-process, then three entities carry the weight of storytelling success and effectiveness.

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References for Storytelling, Literacy, Parenting and STEaM Education

Resources for connecting storytelling to literacy, parenting, STEaM education and more.

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How Long Should a Business Story Be?

An interview clip with Sean Buvala. So for me, as a storyteller, to not tell stories is somewhat disingenuous. It would be wrong to say, “Please everyone use stories” but then do a half-an-hour interview phone call without any stories.

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NWCU2014 Resources

Hello NWCU friends, Having a spot of trouble getting everything posted for you. Should be updated by late-night Friday. Thanks for your patience.   HANDOUTS Trigger Words Sean Buvala One-Sheet for Ministry Settings Video Show In Workshop Web Resources: DaddyTeller

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GangPlank: Freebies, Articles, Links and More from Sean Buvala

A set of resources for the information technology communities, created by Sean Buvala.

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Professional Storyteller Marketing Tips

storytelling resources from sean buvala

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Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti

Surviving Your Serengeti: You will find this to be an easy, fun-to-read book that is part parable, part workbook and part energizing guide. Stefan’s fresh concepts are strong enough for your business needs and yet are still inviting and approachable for any of your family’s budding teenage entrepreneurs with whom you will want to share this book.

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Five Tips for Public Speaking: President Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Whenever you watch a high-profile speech, you can learn things about your own public speaking. I think Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union Address demonstrates five elements of strong public speaking. Regardless of your feelings about the content of the speech, here are a few things to keep in mind to improve your own speeches.

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