NSN 2016 Conference Coaching Special!

NSN Kansas City Conference Event Special for 2016!
NEW! You are NOT required to be at the conference to use this special.

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What is that ONE THING that you need to figure out in your business?
What are you doing with your career as an artist, as author, as speaker, trainer or teacher?

Put Sean’s decades of work to work for your career.

Sean Buvala, who has decades of work and leadership as a performing artist, coach and author will be at the National Storytelling Network’s 2016 Annual Conference in Kansas City. He’s available from Friday morning July 22 to early evening on Sunday July 24th. If you’d like a 45-minutes (or so) live, in-person coaching-session with him while he’s at the NSN Conference, then please reserve your time with Sean ASAP and arrange your spot for Friday to Sunday. NEW: phone-coaching now available for this price. Purchase before July 22 and use your time on the phone before August 31.

Session with Sean Buvala*
1. Paid in advance online: $45

2. Paid at the conference: $60 (If spots available.)
Cash, Credit or Debit Cards accepted at the conference

Your purchase is nonrefundable unless Sean does not appear at the conference. You may transfer your time to another person if you wish or give it as a gift. You will receive a note with details from Sean Buvala via Email. It can take up to 24 hours. Be patient. You’re good.

Sean will be at the conference until Sunday evening, the 24th. If you’d like a 45-minutes (or so) live coaching-session with him while we are here at the NSN Conference, then please purchase your time slot ASAP to assure your spot Friday to Sunday. IF you want to use your time on the phone before August 31, simply let Sean know. You are not required to be at the conference to use this special.

During the conference, you can text Sean on your phone to set up a time if needed. We’ll provide you the number after you purchase.

So what is “Lobby” coaching?
That’s a sit-in-the-hotel-lobby advanced-level coaching to talk about any aspect of your work. Best for talking about marketing, publishing, program development, artistic concerns, mindset, niche development and the like. Not such a great time for performance coaching.

This offer is not associated with or endorsed by the National Storytelling Network. Sean Buvala appears courtesy of Storyteller.net and The Small-Tooth Dog Publishing Group LLC.

Update July 16:

As you may know, I am doing a number of events at the National Storytelling Network’s July conference next week. I have a “Rebooting a Stalled Career” workshop on Sunday (not to be missed ‘cuz we are going to be ultra-direct and honest with each other, aren’t we?) and my Fringe conversation-reflection on Friday night.

To the point of this newsletter right now: I have a coaching special for the event. I coach the coaches who train coaches. I am ready to speak with you about what you need.

But, some of you said, “I won’t be in Kansas and I want your deal anyway, bub.”

So, I am saying yes to you. You can schedule a coaching session with me for just $45 if you do it BEFORE Friday July 22nd. I usually charge $125 for a session and rarely below $75. So, this is a deal for everybody. If one thing we talk about gets you even one new gig, then this pays for itself very very fast.

You can use your coaching AT the conference OR on the phone with me before the end of August 2016. I am really strict about that “use by” date for this special.

So, one session of focused-on-you, practical, fun and intense coaching (45-60 minutes) on any marketing, storytelling, communication, publishing or public-speaking topic of your choosing. You just need to reserve your spot online today. Do it now while you are thinking about it.

The link to the page with info is at:

So, I hope to see you in Kansas next week or speak to you on the phone before August ends.

And, if you ARE at the conference, please check in with me in Kansas. I have a ton of info to share and a BUNCH of specials to share with you, especially in the areas of self-publishing and fast-tracking your career in the arts, if that is your thing.

Anyway: It’s summer (here). It’s a coaching special. Go get it now?


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