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Informal Listing of Storytelling, Literacy and STEaM Education Information and Resources
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As I teach and train on these subjects, folks ask for this type of follow up for their own research. Please excuse simple typos as this document is always being updated. Thank you.

:::: ABOUT Literacy, Parenting and Storytelling

Baldwin, Jackie and Dudding, Kate. “Storytelling in Schools: Quantitative Studies and Innovative Projects.” (Paper in .pdf)

Buvala, Sean “13 Free Training Videos for Dads” (Blog Videos)

Engel, Susan. “Storytelling in the First Three Years.” (Article)

Gregoire, Carolyn. “Story Time on Screens Isn’t all Bad for Young Children.” (Online Article)

Isbell, Rebecca T. “Learning, Language and Literacy: Telling and Retelling Stories.” (Article in .pdf)

Lewis, Tanya. “Studies Show that People Who Speak Two Languages Have More Efficient Brains.” (Article) Washington Post Online.

Mississippi State University. “Effective Arts Integration Improves Test Scores.” (Article)

National Council of Teachers of English. “Guideline on Teaching Storytelling.” (Article)

National Public Radio. “Closing the Word Gap Between Rich and Poor.” (Article and Podcast)

Phillips, Louise. “Role of Storytelling in Early Literacy Development.” (Article)

Ray, Mark. “How to Tell Stories that Teach.” (Article)

Various. “Storytelling and the Common Core Standards.” (Links to downloads of .pdf)

:::: ABOUT STEaM and Storytelling
*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

Brown, April. “Telling Stories Helps Refugee Children Learn a New Language.” (Article and video)

Buvala, Sean. “NSN StoryCon Interview with Carolyn Stearns.” (Blog and audio)

Buvala, Sean. “Storytelling to Frame Research Reports.” (Online Article)

Gross, Sarah and Olsen, Jonathan. “To Attract More Girls to STEM, Bring More Storytelling to Science.” (Article)

Schwartz, Katrina. “Could Storytelling be the Secret Sauce to STEM Education?” (Article)

Stetz, Mike. “The Science in Storytelling: An Interview with Kendall Haven.” (Transcribed Interview)

Washington, Donna. “STEAM: Butterflies and Chocolate.” (Blog)

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