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(Sean) helped me make my presentations more effective by incorporating stories into them. Specifically, he provided detailed and actionable advice that has helped potential clients…connect with my business. As a result, my business has grown significantly since our sessions together.
-Nicole Witt, The Adoption Consultancy

FIVE Free “Storytelling in Biz” Podcasts:

1. “Old Time” Video
Here is the “how to tell a story” video- including the sound that was missing from Friday. Direct link:

ARTICLE: “How to Tell A Story”

2. The “trigger words” exercise is from this “Storytelling 101” workbook by Sean.

3. Free Article: “Storytelling for IT Departments”

4. Free Article: “Learn to Pace Your Story”

5. Watch this space.

6. Free Article: “The Dangerous Corporate ‘Lure’ Story”

7. Free Article: “Five Essentials of Business Storytelling”

8. Free Article: “The Elevator Speech is Still Dead.”

9. Sean Buvala at Twitter:

10. Sean Buvala at Facebook:

11. Sean Buvala’s Blog

12. Free Article: “Grow Your Nonprofit with Storytelling Techniques”

13. Free Article: “Three Tips for the Nervous Public Speaker”

14. Sean’s DADDYTELLER book at Amazon:

15. Free Parenting Training Videos at DaddyTeller

16. The “Measures of Story” book:

17. “How to Write and About Me” Training Kit:

18. Older video, still with good content:

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