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Greetings everyone! I was glad to be a part of the National Storytelling Network’s 2010 conference. Here are some of the links and resources I mentioned at my workshops.


::: Follow Me on Twitter @Storyteller

::: My DaddyTeller Book
Book at Amazon
See the Videos


::::Handouts from the Friday Marketing Workshop
Sean Buvala’s One Sheet
The “Yellow” Sheet
The DaddyTeller Book’s One Sheet
The “Outside In” Diagram
Flyer Sample

::::Audio from the Five-Things Marketing Workshop on Friday Morning
Listen here in .mp3 file.

::::MORE Audio: 15 More Things about Marketing (The Yellow Sheet)
Listen to this audio with this link now.

:::EXTRA Audio File! Learn about Sean Buvala’s “Outside-In” Storytelling Model
Download this diagram first.
Listen to this .mp3 audio file.

::: Social Oomph Program
Allows you to automate some parts of your social media presence. This is the
program I use to Tweet daily tips and content and I highly recommend it.

::: Hoot Suite
Also allows pre-loading social media.

:::PostCard Samples

::::: Vista Print (Printer for Post Cards)

:::What You MUST have on your Web Site.
Your Media Kit Page On Your Website:
1. Your one-sheet
2. Crystal-clear contact information (and maybe contact form)
3. SEVERAL downloadable pictures in b/w and color.
4. Your BIO in plain TEXT format
5. Your intro card (optional)
6. Your CD/product links

:::Examples of One Sheets

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