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I hope you are enjoying the ReInvention Summit presented by the good folks over at Get Storied. I am pleased to offer you some follow-up links and resources from my workshop “Just Enough to Make a Story: Building Stories from Anecdotes.” Presented in no particular order, I know you will find useful and conversation-starting links below. While you are here, why not sign up for my free 20-lesson Ecourse on “how to tell a story” and storytelling techniques? Enjoy.
-Sean Buvala

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:::::. Video: How to Tell A Story (Just for Fun)

Learn how to tell a story with this Eworkbook::::.My “Storytelling 101” Training Manual (Purchase)
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::::. My free Business Storytelling podcasts are at this link, including more about anecdote and story.

:::::. A Variety of Free Articles

The Elevator Speech is (Still) Dead.”

How To Tell A Story.”

10 Things Storytelling Won’t Do for Your Business or NonProfit.”

Adapting World Tales for Corporate Storytelling.”

Three Ways to Connect to an Audience in Any Presentation.”

9 Storytelling Techniques for Any Situation.”

Storytelling for IT, Science and Research Professionals.”

When Your Corporate Storytelling is Worthless.”

Grow Your NonProfit with Internal Storytelling Techniques.”

::::. Several Audio Interviews

Storytelling for Business with Sean Buvala (Jay Handler and Trey Pennington)

Make Your Speeches Memorable with Storytelling Techniques

::::.Video: Gestures in Storytelling

::::.Sean Bio

Professional Storyteller, Coach, Author

Sean Buvala is a professional storyteller, presenter coach and a veteran of the storytelling movement, connected to all areas of story since 1986. He describes his work as somewhere between “in your life and in your face” depending on the needs of the group he is with at any given time. Sean has been telling tales, training storytellers, providing private corporate coaching and creating practical applications for stories in many industries. He has had the honor to consult within the travel, telecommunications, health care, non-profit, publishing, government, community development, social media and manufacturing industries both in live events and through the new technologies of the Internet.

Sean Buvala is the director of, which provides information for those who use storytelling in any environment. He has also received the Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network for creative leadership. He has created the brand-new “Executive Speaker Training Workshop” to bring the concepts of communication via storytelling to the non-storyteller. Sean has authored the training workbook ““used by clients throughout the world. He also wrote the book, DaddyTeller: How to be A Hero to Your Kids And Teach Them What’s Really Important by Telling Them One Simple Story at a Time for parents and families. Most importantly, Sean is the father of four and husband of one. His home and office is in Arizona. To learn more, please visit his website at

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  1. My heart was touched and you are spot on.

    Simple, powerful, clear and impressive, Sean.

    I would love to share stories.


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