Thank you for purchasing the Storytelling101 EWorkbook.

Page 3: Listen to Sean tell the “Truths and Story” story. .mp3 file may load slowly.

Page 5: dentinthecloset.com (Site may be down while being rebuilt.)

Page 5: Aesop’s Fables Site

Page 7: seanblogs.com. My blog.

Page 10: Audio Stories at Storyteller.net are at this link here.

Page 10: We’ve had a variety of podcasts since we first published this guide. The best place now to hear our podcasts is at this link and this link.

Page 12: The “Listening Sideways” article (pdf) is at this link here.

Page 13: Glenda’s article is at this link here.

Page 14: Get the Aesop’s tales at this link.

Page 14: The podcast is here: http://www.storytellerpodcast.com/podcast_june2006.mp3.

Page 16: Contact Sean at his contact form.

Page 18: The Emotional Reading Game

Page 21: Contact Sean at his contact form.

Page 23: Article: The Value of Repertoire.

Page 23: My 2008 Pics: A Storyteller’s Life.

Page 26: The random-word generator in the Ebook is no longer available. Try http://watchout4snakes.com/CreativityTools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx instead.

Page 31: Stories to hear: Click here.

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